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Launch TN

We have partnered with LaunchTN since 2021 to host interns through the LaunchTN Summer Internship Program that provides students the opportunity to intern at startup companies, such as Yaya Scientific.

Launch TN is a program set to build up Tennessee’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and working to make Tennessee the most startup-friendly state in the nation.

Nashville Medical News

“We are delighted to welcome Yaya Scientific to our growing roster of tenants at the Life Sciences Center. Partnering with an outstanding and innovative company like Yaya is a key component of CET’s strategy to help promising biomedical companies successfully address important healthcare issues.”

– A.J. Kazimi

Intellectual Property Developments

Using Polarization Gating to Measure a Scattering Sample

Medical Imaging Motion Compensation

Refractometer for Instantaneous Hyperspectral Refractive Index Detection Update

Enclosure for Small Animals During Awake Animal Imaging

National Institute of Health Grants

Real-time Multimodal Diffuse Reflectance and Polarization Imaging Based Nerve Identification in Surgical Field of View

Multimodality Diffuse Reflectance and Polarization-Based Proximity Probe for Iatrogenic Nerve Injury Prevention During Surgical Procedures

Launch TN Partnership
Atomic Heritage Foundation Interview